Hailing from Northern Ireland (UK), I have studied and worked abroad for over a decade in places such as
 Poland, Thailand and Malaysia. I've just finished a short 'help out' stint at IGB International School and will be starting at SSIS in Vietnam come August 2015.
Prior to this, I worked at Nexus International School (Malaysia) where I taught IBDP Language 
& Literature, GCSE Language & Literature and TOK. I was also the IB Teaching & Learning Advisor. 
I have been heavily involved with ICT (and other) teacher training and have been a Google Certified Trainer since 2011.
My teaching philosophy is based in the belief that we have to equip learners not only with 
knowledge - which seems ever-changing in these fast-moving times - but also the skills to interact with the world. 
I also believe we should tap into students' interests and characters: an engaged learner is 'present' in 
more ways than one, and ever-increasing amounts of research point to the fact that relationships are the most important 
thing in the classroom. To this end, I tend to employ technology, projects and personalised 
learning as a matter of course but I believe there is no 'one right answer' and as teachers, 
we must remain adaptable to the demands of the day. We also have a responsibility to resist the temptation 
of new technologies and use them discerningly, while equipping our students' with the same critical and evaluative skills.
I am an eternal student and am grateful for the formal and informal contexts that allow me to 
continue learning to enrich both my professional and personal life.
(When I'm not geeking out with teaching, you can find me and my sewing exploits over here.)

MEd Applied Linguistics
PGCE English & Drama
PG Certificate of Education
BA (Hons) English & Philosophy
Cambridge CELTA & CELTYL Extension